Audio player capable of playing audio by the keywords of the song title

- Application Description -

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- History of changes -
WishPlayer - v.0.1.2
New features
  1. Added audio time display when hovering over the audio rewind panel
  2. Added a new application style - White. This style will become the default style for the application. The classic black and white style should be suitable for most people. Also, with this style, the application control buttons are better visible. If you don't like the white style, you can choose any other one. Currently available styles are white, blue, red, pink
Bug fixes and improvements
  1. The graphical bug that sometimes occurred when opening the application via the open button in the application tray has been removed. Added a forced redrawing of the interface after opening the application, which will eliminate this bug
  2. Added the correct termination of the control flow of associative files when the application is shut down. Now the flow completes correctly and does not cause an error when deleting the control object
  3. The bug of incorrect display of the audio rewind strip when rewinding to the end of audio has been removed
  4. Added an update to the audio length in the playlist when it changes in the audio source
  5. Modules of related libraries that are not used by the application have been removed, which reduced the application's RAM consumption by 20Mb
  6. Added partial buffering when playing audio online. This will eliminate possible delays in audio playback even on very weak processors and improve the quality of playback
  7. Added support for the HLS protocol
WishPlayer - v.0.1.1
New features
  1. Added buttons to go to the next and previous audio from the playlist. Using these buttons, you can switch to the desired audio without opening the playlist. When pressed repeatedly, the transition to the next audio from the playlist list takes place, which allows you to select the desired audio to play
  2. Added audio data caching, which significantly speeds up audio replay
Bug fixes and improvements
  1. Improved protection against double launch of the application. An inefficient method of checking through processes has been removed. Now the check is carried out through the database and occurs instantly. What increases the application launch speed
  2. Added error handling related to the inability to download audio using the http protocol
  3. The bug of the system for monitoring the completion of the audio download stream has been removed
  4. The bug of not closing the stream of receiving information about audio, which in rare cases led to the application hanging, has been removed
  5. Updated application-related libraries
WishPlayer - v.0.1.0
New features
  1. Added local hotkeys. Rewind audio when pressing the left or right keys. Pause when pressing the space bar
  2. Expanded the mini application mode. Added the ability to hide the audio name input field to reduce the size of the application interface
  3. The stop of audio that is not loaded to the end has been accelerated, due to the interruption of the audio converter. Now the audio stop is almost instantaneous
Bug fixes and improvements
  1. The animation of the equalizer color has been removed (a graphic bug occurs, after 5-10 minutes of work, most likely the problem of the framework)
  2. Added protection against simultaneous opening of the information window and the application interface window
  3. Added error handling when the Internet connection is disconnected while downloading audio
  4. Removed the bug of the loading label while pausing with the same search query
  5. The bug of disabling panel movement during audio loading when pausing has been removed. Now it works correctly
  6. Added error handling related to not being able to play the downloaded audio for any reason (not a suitable audio format, the number of audio channels is not correctly determined, etc. ). It happens rarely, but sometimes it happens
  7. Added playlist database size control. Now the database files are updated when the contents of the database change
WishPlayer - v.0.0.9
New features
  1. Improved search query filtering system
  2. The control panel interface has been redesigned, the wx. SIMPLE_BORDER mode for buttons does not work correctly on Windpws 11
  3. The average time of filtering the request, via streaming requests. Now all search queries take approximately the same amount of time
  4. The volume is aligned between online and offline modes. Improved positioning of the volume slider
  5. Improved the application language translation system
  6. Added filtering of playback files in offline mode. Now recognizes audio files and does not try to play non-audio files
  7. Improved playlist window design
  8. Added tooltips to buttons
  9. Added support for many other languages to translate the text of the application
  10. Improved the mini mode for the app. Now it has a mini panel of all control buttons
Bug fixes and improvements
  1. The bug of the possibility of pausing when the audio is not playing has been removed
  2. The volume slider has been calibrated
  3. The bug of not launching audio via search while playing offline audio has been removed
  4. Removed the audio distortion bug when pausing in audio streaming mode
  5. The bug of not enabling window movement control when disabling the interface appearance settings during application startup has been removed
  6. The bug of not stopping audio when switching from offline playback to online has been removed
  7. The bug of changing the color of the playback indicator when clicking on it has been removed
  8. The bug of simultaneous playback of online and offline audio when switching from one playlist to another has been removed (it happened rarely, but now it is completely excluded)
  9. The bug of not remembering the position of the application when starting an application with a hidden interface has been removed
  10. The bug of incorrect operation of the mode on top of all windows has been removed
  11. Removed several bugs of moving panels in the playlist
WishPlayer - v.0.0.8
New features
  1. Added a large Playlist module (for online and offline playback)
  2. It is also possible to open audio files via file explorer (select file button)
  3. Add keyboard-based audio to playlist
  4. Added the effects of the appearance of the main window
Bug fixes and improvements
  1. The layout of the main layers of the application has been rebuilt. The bug of incorrect application of the layer size has been removed